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Over time, your tile and grout can lose their original luster and accumulate dirt, grime, and dust. Count on Apex Chem-Dry to rejuvenate the appearance of your tile and thoroughly clean the deepest pores of the grout. Our team of highly trained technicians employs specialized cleaning solutions and advanced equipment to effectively eliminate the soil and dirt that has accumulated over the years. Say goodbye to spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing and cleaning, and let Apex Chem-Dry restore the beauty of your tile and grout with ease. Allow us to renew the shine to your tile, stone, and grout throughout your home or business in Chambersburg & the surrounding areas.

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Create a Healthier Home With Tile Cleaning

For enduring safeguarding of your residence or enterprise, it is recommended to schedule a tile cleaning every 12-18 months. With the remarkable services offered by Apex Chem-Dry, you can rely on our expertise to accommodate a wide array of tile and stone types, such as Saltillo, ceramic, porcelain, slate, granite, and travertine.

Our top priority is the well-being of your household and those within it, which is why we abstain from the use of detrimental chemicals. Be assured that all the components in our primary cleaner are entirely safe and sanctioned, granting you a sense of tranquility as you uphold a spotless and healthful environment for your cherished family members.

We offer expert tile cleaning in Chambersburg & the surrounding areas.

Pricing Starting at $0.90 Per Square Foot To Clean & Seal Your Tile & Grout

Advanced Tile Cleaning

Prior to commencing the on-site tile cleaning procedure, a series of pretests will be conducted. These tests are designed to ascertain the precise stone or tile type, ensuring that the outcome for your residence is not only of the highest quality but also carried out with the utmost safety. This is particularly crucial when dealing with surfaces that are sensitive to acids, such as marble, terrazzo, travertine, and limestone.

The Apex Chem-Dry team of certified technicians goes above and beyond by conducting additional inspections. They strategically apply tape to shield adjoining surfaces and initiate a dry soil removal process that effectively eliminates surface dust and dirt. This preliminary step enhances access to accumulated buildup, facilitating a more thorough deep-cleaning process and yielding more impactful results.

Throughout the entirety of the process, meticulous quality checks are executed. In instances where results appear uneven or fail to meet expectations, the affected area is meticulously recleaned, and results are reassessed. This cycle of quality control is persistently carried out until the optimal outcome is achieved.

Directly following the cleaning procedure, our Apex Chem-Dry sealants are expertly applied. These sealers establish a protective barrier, guarding against the intrusion of dust and simplifying subsequent maintenance efforts. The culmination of our stone, tile, and grout cleaning and sealing services results in floors that are not only purified and safeguarded but also ready for use in a matter of hours.

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