Strategies for Proper Rug Maintenance Between Professional Cleanings

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Possessing area rugs and periodically getting them cleaned professionally is beneficial. However, maintaining them between professional cleaning sessions is equally important for their durability and texture. Here are some expert tips from our area rug cleaning team.

Establish Regular Vacuuming Routine

Many homeowners claim to vacuum their rugs regularly, but fail to specify the frequency. It’s crucial to set up a timetable for vacuuming the carpets and rugs in your house to ensure consistency and effectiveness.

We advise vacuuming your rug every week. If you have pets or kids, or if your rug is positioned in a busy section of your house like the hallway or entryway, you might need to vacuum more frequently.

Prevent Dirt from Entering Your Home

It’s not surprising that shoes and pets are the main sources of dirt in homes. One of the simplest ways to protect your rugs is to avoid wearing shoes indoors. Initially, this may seem daunting, but placing a shoe rack at each entrance can be a helpful reminder. Consider buying house slippers for family members and ensure they aren’t worn outside. If shoes are a must, remember to wipe them on a mat before entering.

Opt for Socks Indoors

While shoes are harmful for carpets, socks are beneficial. The natural oil and sweat from our feet can damage rug fibers and dyes over time. Keeping your feet covered with clean socks or house slippers when indoors can protect your rugs. Ensure to change your socks after wearing them in shoes.

Rearrange Your Furniture Periodically

Regular furniture rearrangement not only revamps the aesthetics of your home but also redistributes the foot traffic, ensuring more even wear and tear on your rugs. If this isn’t feasible, try to rotate your rugs to avoid wear in high-traffic areas.

Immediately Take Care of Spills

Spills are a common cause of stains on rugs. If you spill something on your rug that could potentially stain it, quickly blot up as much of the liquid as possible with a white cloth or paper towel. Be gentle and avoid scrubbing to prevent the stain from setting in and damaging the rug.

Following these tips will help maintain your rugs’ cleanliness and longevity between professional cleanings by Apex Chem-Dry. If your rugs require a professional cleaning, reach out to us at (717) 261-1086. We’re here to help!

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