Steer Clear of the Hazards of DIY Rug Cleaning

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The rugs in your home, whether a treasured family memento or a keepsake from an unforgettable trip, have likely taken considerable time and resources to find. But could your cleaning methods be endangering their life and beauty? Ensuring your cherished rug gets the right cleaning care is key to upholding its vibrant design and woven quality. Rather than exposing your rug’s fragile structure to potential harm with DIY cleaning, choose the experts for dependable oriental rug cleaning.

5 Perils of DIY Oriental Rug Cleaning

DIY rug cleaning carries multiple risks, mostly arising from a lack of professional expertise and tools. Here are the pitfalls you will dodge by selecting a seasoned, professional rug cleaning service like Apex Chem-Dry to maintain your rug in pristine condition:

Running Dyes

Determining the specific dyes used in your oriental rug may be difficult. Consequently, picking the appropriate cleaning substance can pose a challenge. Using any cleaner on uniquely dyed rugs may result in the dyes seeping and merging, which destroys your rug’s aesthetic.

Rug Discoloration

Off-the-shelf stain removers often lead to rug discoloration. Many of these solutions contain strong chemicals like bleach, which can be excessively abrasive for sensitive oriental rugs. Regrettably, these substances often exacerbate the appearance of spots or stains instead of resolving them.

Excessive Moisture

DIY rug cleaning involves a lot of moisture, a factor to be cautious of. High moisture levels can be catastrophic for oriental rugs as they provide an environment for mold and mildew to thrive.

Damage to Delicate Fibers

The nature of your rug’s fibers, the method of weaving, and its age can make your rug incredibly fragile. Attempting to dislodge dirt and dust by scrubbing the fabric could inflict irreversible harm to its fibers or, at the very least, diminish their lifespan.

Incomplete Cleaning

In a bid to prevent fiber damage, some homeowners find their DIY rug cleaning methods are insufficient in removing dust and dirt. This not only detracts from the rug’s visual appeal, but the unnoticed dirt generates friction within the rug’s fibers, causing further damage.

Why Choose Apex Chem-Dry’s Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

Choosing Apex Chem-Dry for your oriental rug cleaning means no more worrying about the above risks. Instead, take comfort in the fact that you’re taking the needed steps to extend the life and aesthetic appeal of your prized rug.

Our skilled professionals are experienced in handling all types of rugs and will suggest the optimal individual treatment for your specific rug. During an at-home rug assessment, we’ll analyze the rug’s materials and weaving style. Whether synthetic or natural materials were used, rest assured our certified and highly trained specialists are ready to provide the care it needs.

Depending on our analysis, we might suggest taking your rug off-site for a specialized deep cleaning process or clean it on site. Our gentle methods will clear away dust and dust mites, along with piled-up dirt and soil, all while preserving the rug’s vibrant color patterns and leaving it looking bright and refreshed.

Discover our trusted oriental rug cleaning procedure today! Avoid the risks of DIY cleaning; contact us at (717) 261-1086 to safeguard your rugs.

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