Remember to Include Carpet Cleaning in Your Spring Cleaning Schedule

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It’s that season again: you’ve decluttered your closets, thoroughly cleaned your oven, eliminated cobwebs from ceiling fans and lofty corners, and even had a garage sale to dispose of your surplus clutter. You might think that you’ve checked everything off your spring cleaning list and can now curl up and relax until next year’s cleaning spree.

Yet, one crucial task remains for your spring cleaning schedule to be genuinely accomplished: giving your carpets a deep clean. They’ve probably accumulated tons of dust, dirt, and debris over time. It may sound like a hefty task to handle alone, but fret not – professional carpet cleaners are just a call away to help finalize your spring cleaning checklist. Once this is done, you’re free to welcome the summer vacation.

Why It’s The Perfect Time to Hire Carpet Cleaners

Postponing a visit from professional carpet cleaners might cross your mind. After all, you’ve been pulling out all the stops to keep your house immaculate and may not want to add another thing to your plate. Nonetheless, if your carpets haven’t seen professional cleaning in a while, there are numerous reasons why making the call now, before plunging into summer fun, is a smart move.

Healthier Carpets, Fresher Air, and Cleaner Home

Remember, all your tireless cleaning efforts shouldn’t result in you living with filthy carpets. Carpets have the job of trapping dust, pollen, and dirt that hitch a ride into your home on your shoes, clothes, or the breeze coming through the windows. This stops these particles from flying around your home, which is a plus! However, carpets have a limit to how much dirt and dust they can retain. Without a deep cleaning, these particles will eventually be freed into the air you breathe each time you walk on your carpet. All your rigorous cleaning could go down the drain! If anyone in your family has allergies, asthma, or other health conditions, these accumulated particles can significantly affect their health.

Aesthetics of Your Home

While health is arguably the primary concern, your home’s appearance should not be sidelined. The whole purpose of cleaning is to enjoy a neater and more attractive living space. Deeply cleaned, fresh, and well-maintained carpets enhance the overall look of your home. You may not realize how tainted your carpets are until they’re cleaned! Your guests might not notice your hard work in spring cleaning if they’re greeted by musty, grey and dirty-looking carpets.

Prolonging Your Carpet’s Life

Lastly, don’t underestimate the value of maintaining your carpet’s lifespan. Most manufacturers suggest professional cleaning at least every half a year or every quarter if you have kids, pets, or allergies. This is due to the wear and tear that dust and dirt accumulation can cause to your carpet’s fibers. Spots or stains on your carpets become more stubborn the longer they’re left untreated. Regular professional carpet cleanings will help prolong your carpet’s life, resulting in long-term savings.

Get Summer-Ready with Chem-Dry Professional Carpet Cleaners

Securing a professional carpet cleaning session with Apex Chem-Dry at the tail end of spring will set you up nicely for the upcoming summer festivities. Suppose you have kids who’ll be inviting friends over during their school break. In that case, you might want to consider our stain-protectant treatment during the deep cleaning process. This will give you extra time to clean up juice spills, crafting mishaps, and other potential carpet disasters before they become permanent. It also offers peace of mind as your family makes the most of your spare time, moving frequently between inside and outside.

If you’re eager to conclude your spring cleaning mission with a deep carpet clean by Apex Chem-Dry, reach out to (717) 261-1086 today to consult our professional carpet cleaners!

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