Keeping Your Carpets Clean with Pets: Our Process for Tackling Pet Stains

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Having beloved pets as part of your family is a great joy, but sometimes they can cause unwelcome surprises on the carpet. Our team has years of experience dealing with pet accidents and finding effective solutions that keep carpets looking like new while preserving their investment value. Let us take care of the problem quickly and discreetly so you can have a clean, fresh home for everyone to enjoy!

Eliminating Pet Odors: Chem-Dry’s Effective Approach

Pet accidents can be an unpleasant surprise, not only leaving behind unsightly stains but also lingering odors. Our unique P.U.R.T® treatment is designed to go beyond traditional carpet cleaning methods and actually remove the source of pet odor – urine crystals! This specialized approach eliminates both stubborn stains and frustrating odors from your home for a better-smelling environment that you’ll love coming back to every day!

Our team utilizes a unique, ultraviolet light to pinpoint pet accidents that would otherwise remain invisible. Paired with our miracle-working P.U.R.T formula, your rugs, and upholstery will be revitalized back to their original state in no time! Put your trust in us – we’ll take care of those pet messes quickly and efficiently every time!

A Walkthrough of Our Process, Step by Step

Our customers can trust that we will get the job done right. We begin by using ultraviolet light to detect hidden urine deposit build-up, followed by our hot carbonating extraction process which eliminates any liquid residue and crystal deposits from carpets. Finally, our patented P.U.R.T product is applied to ensure the complete removal of all lingering odors – putting your mind at ease!

In as little as one day, you’ll be able to continue your life with the peace of mind that any pet messes have been taken care of. Rest easy knowing it only takes a short amount of time for chemical reactions to break down residue and leave behind freshly-cleaned surfaces; so don’t wait – start treating right away!

Get rid of those pet urine odors and stains for good with the help of our certified carpet cleaning pros in Harrisburg & the surrounding areas. Our team is standing by to assist you – just pick up the phone and dial (717) 261-1086 now!

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