Avoid These 4 Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

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Being experienced carpet cleaners, we have encountered numerous carpets. Regrettably, this also means we’ve witnessed a fair share of carpet mistakes. In order to help you avoid these errors, here are the top four mistakes commonly made by homeowners.

Not vacuuming often enough.

You probably already know that regular vacuuming is an essential part of maintaining a clean home. But have you ever wondered why vacuuming is so important and how often you should do it?

Vacuuming your carpets removes dirt and grime, preventing them from accumulating and damaging the carpet fibers. Additionally, carpets act as a filter, trapping dirt and dust from the air and preventing it from circulating in your home. However, when carpets become too full of dirt, they lose their ability to effectively trap dirt and may negatively impact your indoor air quality.

We recommend vacuuming all carpets in your home at least once a week. If you have pets, children, or wear shoes indoors, more frequent vacuuming is likely necessary to keep your carpets clean and fresh.

Not Giving High-traffic Areas Adequate Protection

Consider how you navigate your home throughout the day. Undoubtedly, certain areas experience much more foot traffic compared to others, like hallways, entryways, and spaces in front of furniture. These particular zones require extra care to endure the heavy usage. A practical approach to prolonging the lifespan of these high traffic areas is to incorporate a rug. If you already have a rug, remember to rotate it frequently to distribute the wear evenly. In cases where using a rug is not feasible, make sure to regularly vacuum these areas. Additionally, we provide a carpet protectant that applies a protective coating to your carpet, safeguarding it against stains that are more likely to occur in heavily trafficked sections.

Scrubbing At Spots And Stains

When you accidentally spill something on your carpet, your first instinct may be to grab a towel and vigorously scrub. However, this approach usually worsens the situation by rubbing the stain in and causing it to spread further. Instead, it is recommended to gently dab at stains in order to remove the liquid. It is crucial to use a white rag as colored towels or patterned paper towels can transfer dye to the carpet, aggravating the problem. 


If gentle blotting fails to remove the stain, the safest option is to contact professional carpet cleaners, such as Apex Chem-Dry. We have witnessed numerous do-it-yourself stain removal attempts result in carpet damage and more stubborn stains. For optimal results and the preservation of your carpet’s appearance, it is advisable to leave stain removal to the hands of experts.


Forgoing Professional Cleanings

Regular vacuuming and quick spill clean-up may give the impression of caring for your carpet, but unfortunately, it can only clean the surface. As time goes on, dirt and dust that evade the suction action will settle near the carpet backing, causing matting, a lackluster appearance, and traffic lines. The most effective way to eliminate this deep-seated grime is to enlist the services of professional cleaners. Even if your carpets appear clean, you’ll be amazed at the remarkable transformation in both the appearance and feel after a thorough cleaning.

Avoid making these cleaning mistakes! Our professional carpet cleaning team can help you prevent further damage to your carpet and prolong its lifespan. Call us at (717) 261-1086 today to get started!

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